Best Photo Shoot Locations in Central Pennsylvania

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Are you looking for the perfect backdrop for your next photo shoot? Look no further than Central Pennsylvania. With its diverse landscapes and charming towns, this region offers a variety of stunning locations that will make your photos truly memorable. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just looking to capture some beautiful moments with your loved ones, these photo shoot locations in Central PA are sure to impress.

1. Harvest Fields in Boalsburg, Pennsylvania

Harvest Fields

One of the most dramatic and versatile locations for photo shoots in Central Pennsylvania is Harvest Fields in Boalsburg. This scenic spot offers breathtaking views over Boalsburg, no matter the weather. With its pond, wooded areas, trails, rolling hills, and grassy fields, Harvest Fields provides a picturesque setting for your photo session. Start your shoot in the enchanting woods during the golden hour and end it in the expansive open fields as the sun sets behind your subjects.

2. The Arboretum at Penn State

The Arboretum at Penn State

For endless photo opportunities, head to The Arboretum at Penn State. This magical botanical garden is a true gem, with ever-changing landscapes that vary with the seasons. Explore the pollinator garden, the rose garden, and the bamboo grove, and make your way to the fields behind the Arboretum for a stunning view of the setting sun. The vibrant colors and blooming flowers will add a touch of natural beauty to your photos.

3. Bernel Road Park (AKA “Airport Park”)

Bernel Road Park

If you’re an early bird looking for a photo shoot location with gorgeous morning light, Bernel Road Park is the perfect choice. Located in Harrisburg, this relatively new park offers winding paths, tall grasses, and wildflowers. The park is perched atop small hills, providing expansive views of the surrounding landscape. Take advantage of the stunning sunrise over Bald Eagle Mountain ridge and capture the beauty of nature in your photos.

4. Lake Perez, Stone Valley Recreation Area

Lake Perez

For those who love the outdoors, a photo shoot at Lake Perez in the Stone Valley Recreation Area is a must. Just a short drive from State College, this serene location features a 72-acre lake surrounded by wooded trails and a shallow stream. Whether you’re capturing a sunset view over the lake or exploring the peaceful trails, Lake Perez offers a tranquil setting for your photo session.

5. Tudek Park, State College

Tudek Park

Located in the heart of State College, Tudek Park is a hidden gem loved by local photographers. This park offers lush greenery, open fields, a butterfly garden, and even a horse stable. It’s a uniquely wonderful location for year-round photo shoots. Don’t forget to bring some carrots and apples to interact with the friendly horses and add an extra element of joy to your photos.

6. Hintz Alumni Center, Penn State University, and Downtown State College

Hintz Alumni Center

For midday photo shoots, the Hintz Alumni Center at Penn State University and Downtown State College make excellent options. The Penn State Duck Pond at the Hintz Alumni Center provides beautifully lit images at any hour of the day, thanks to the buildings that block out harsh sunlight. Additionally, Downtown State College offers a more urban vibe, with its stunning murals and industrial atmosphere along Calder Way.

7. Pines at the Boalsburg Military Museum

Pines at the Boalsburg Military Museum

When winter rolls around, the Pines at the Boalsburg Military Museum is the ideal location for your photo shoot. The tall pine trees create a beautiful backdrop, especially when other locations may appear drab and lifeless. Capture the essence of the season with the pines and create stunning winter-themed photos that will stand out.

8. Sayers Dam in Bald Eagle State Park

Sayers Dam

If you’re a beach lover, Sayers Dam in Bald Eagle State Park is the perfect spot for your photo shoot. This park features one of the largest lakes in the region, Foster Joseph Sayers Reservoir, and offers various shorelines to explore. Whether you prefer the man-made sand beach on the north shore or the wooded access points on both shores, Sayers Dam provides a stunning backdrop for your beach-themed photo session.

9. Downtown Bellefonte & Talleyrand Park

Downtown Bellefonte

For those seeking classic beauty and Victorian-era architecture, Downtown Bellefonte and Talleyrand Park are a match made in heaven. Stroll through the charming streets lined with beautifully restored facades, and then make your way to Talleyrand Park. This meticulously manicured park offers seasonal blooms, weeping willows, butterfly gardens, and sculptures, providing endless photo opportunities.

10. Overlook Park, Lancaster PA

Overlook Park

Overlook Park in Lancaster is a hidden gem that offers more than meets the eye. While many know it for its iconic pine tree-lined walking path, this location boasts tree-lined paths, expansive fields, and breathtaking sunsets. Its accessibility and variety make it a popular choice for photo shoots, but be prepared to work around other sessions and park visitors during peak times.

These ten photo shoot locations in Central Pennsylvania offer a range of scenery, from picturesque landscapes to urban backdrops. Whether you’re looking for a romantic sunset session, a serene natural setting, or a vibrant cityscape, you’re sure to find the perfect spot to capture your memories. So grab your camera and explore the beauty that Central PA has to offer!

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